Available 24 hours

Fee Schedule


$18.50 Per Hour Childcare (Minimum 4 hours)
$19.50 Per Hour Childcare (in hotels) (Minimum 4 hours)
$19.50 Per Hour Special Needs Children (Minimum 4 hours)
$19.50 Per Hour Newborns up to 3 Months (Minimum 4 hours)
$180 Overnight 12 Hours Childcare (if allowed to sleep, otherwise hourly rate)
$275 24 Hours Childcare (if allowed to sleep, otherwise hourly rate)
$450 Weekend Special Childcare
$750 Weekly Childcare 5 day week


$22.50 Per Hour Eldercare
$180 Overnight 12 Hours if allowed to sleep, otherwise hourly rate
$312 24 Hour Eldercare if allowed to sleep, otherwise hourly rate
$470 Weekend Eldercare
$890 Weekly Eldercare 5 day week


$21 Per Hour Housekeeping


$21 Per Hour Driver without car
$21 Per Hour Driver with car plus $0.50 per km


Depending on location of client in the GTA, additional transit fare may apply.

When the assignment ends after midnight and/or begins before 6:00 am, the client has the option of either paying for taxi or drive the caregiver home.


Cancellation notice is required at least 3 hours prior to an assignment, otherwise a $60.00 cancellation fee is applied.

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