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CARE-ON-CALL has been specifically designed to meet the needs of those requiring Emergency, Temporary or Occasional; Childcare, Senior Support Care, Respite Care and/or Home Care.

Perhaps your child is sick and unable to attend daycare or school, your permanent Nanny is absent or on vacation, the school has an in-service day or overtime is required at work; or simply you have planned an evening out or that long promised weekend away. CARE-ON-CALL will help (416) 962-5153.

You are the primary Caregiver for an elderly parent and require some time off; be it for a special occasion or an evening out, an ongoing afternoon off or a month's vacation. CARE-ON-CALL will help (416) 962-5153.

You are a Senior wishing to maintain an independent lifestyle in your own home but could use a little support; a Companion to prepare meals, maintain the residence in a neat and tidy manner, accompany you on walks, help with correspondence or do what can be done to assist you in remaining comfortable in your own home. You need a Companion-Driver to accompany you to appointments, provide outings, help with the grocery shopping etc. Or perhaps you require a little help with personal care. CARE-ON-CALL will help (416) 962-5153.


In this age of two income families childcare problems remain one of the main indicators of time lost from work. Statistics Canada studies state that the time loss for personal reasons has risen dramatically over the last number of years and their surveys also state "the presence of children appears to exert a strong upward pressure on absenteeism levels". Fortune magazine states: "our major finding is that problems with child care are the most significant predictors of absenteeism and unproductive time at work."

Couples are often waiting to have children until later in life and find themselves in the "sandwich generation", raising small children and having to deal with increasing demands from elderly parents in need of help.

Absenteeism is disruptive to work schedules, costly to business and detrimental to the economy.

Corporations and businesses have found a tremendous benefit in having the services of a reliable and experienced emergency Childcare/Senior Support Care service available to help offset the effects of domestic problems.

Our business is serving people who demand the freedom to live life with a minimum amount of stress. We have helped relieve the demands of family pressures for thousands of Canadian families.


CARE-ON-CALL is a division of "Selective Personnel" which has been in the domestic placement field since 1966 and enjoys a superior reputation and loyal client base. "Selective Personnel" is a licensed Canadian employment agency.

CARE-ON-CALL Caregivers are experienced and professional in their field. All Caregivers have been thoroughly screened and have had extensive background checks.

Our Caregivers have been selected not only for their training and experience but for their compassion and their desire to work with and interact with our clients. We make caring for our clients a top priority.

CARE-ON-CALL understands that often the 'right fit' means more than finding an individual of suitable skills ... it requires a sensitivity and responsiveness to the unique demands of each situation. Our coordinators take the extra effort to assure each placement's success.

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